Voice it aloud- About us:

Tell your story

Voice it Aloud (VIA) is an interactive forum set up for users to share their experiences, ill treatments and struggles they encounter in the society. The aim is to have a platform where these ills and issues can be brought to the fore so that lessons can be learnt, information disseminated and appropriate punitive measures where necessary taken.

Whatever the issue, be it sexual abuse, paedophilia activities, child molestation/abuse, workplace assault, bad treatment at work, single parenting, depression, challenges singles face, VIA is a place you can discuss and be assured that your voice would be heard and identity protected if so desired.

In the light of the myriad of issues that confront us in our society today; subscribers are empowered to voice out their pains while at the same time, talk about those areas of their lives that are so contentious like feminism, single parenting, life of the singles etc. This is borne out of our belief that an experience shared by someone is a knowledge gained by another and as such we encourage people to give real life, verifiable accounts with proofs as much as they can.

Our core objective is to give a voice to the voiceless, correct the ills and ensure we have a better society.

So don’t bottle it up....Voice it Aloud!