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Opinion: The effect of pornography in our society

  • Chudi

    Pornography has been an age long act which is being seen differently by different people. Some schools of thought believe it is a good thing why others see it as bad, immoral with negative impact on our youths especially.
    Suffice it to say that sex therapists sometimes do recommend it for couples when they are having issues with their sexual lives while some churches encourage it as a tool for intimacy during counselling.

    However, pornography in my opinion has done a lot more harm than good. As much as many people use and recommend it for various reasons, the addictive nature of it is the most damaging aspect of the act. 
    Young me and women these days engage in it and as such, has become a must do, see or have as it were for our teenagers, even young kids as young as 9years old engage in the act.
    Technology advancement has not helped matters as with just a click on the mobile phone, you can have unfettered access to any porn site.

    Just recently in the United Kingdom, the government had announced that come April 2019, that all porn site users much have a £5 access fee charge before they could access any porn site. Those who do not want to pay will have to enter their email and password and verify their age using a credit card, passport or driving licence.

    My question is, will this reduce the way and manner youths access porn sites? Or should that be a justification for keeping it undesirable?
    As much as some people advocate for it, the truth is that, it has ruined a lot of homes, marriages and relationships because of its addictive nature.
    My take on this is that, if we want to reduce the negative effect of pornography, it must be banned out rightly, that way, we can save the growing number of our youths from the negative effect off watching pornographic contents from the internet, webzines and magazines.

    Creating a responsible society is our collective responsibility.


    281 days ago

  • Gworthason

    In as much as Pornography is mad for young youth, I think its has helped some relationships and marriages in mending their sex life.

    281 days ago

  • mark1

    Those who engage in this may disagree with the writer but truth be told, the act of pornography is seriously ravaging the society especially the teenagers. This is a very hot topic for high school kids as I was a witness during my time in one of the schools where I did my primary assignment as a teacher. 

    They had all kinds on their phones and you dare not seize these phones from them. Our various governments should adopt more measures in tackling this menace to avoid these young lads becoming addicts

    281 days ago

  • Ama

    In as much as Pornography is mad for young youth, I think its has helped some relationships and marriages in mending their sex life.

    I disagree with you, couples who adopt this measure are just sitting on a keg of gun powder. Most of the couples who do this end up becoming addicted to it and as such, creating a barrier to their love lives knowing that when he or she is not around, I can always help myself. It is just a matter of time before they start finding themselves undesirable of one another. 

    281 days ago

  • Ola

    Very insightful.  

    281 days ago

  • Chudi

    Very Good

    278 days ago