Forum Rules

We acknowledge the fact that we have people from diverse backgrounds, races, and beliefs and as such, have set the following rules to moderate and guide our conversation. There may be need to change and or adjust these rules as the need may arise but such changes will be duly updated on this page.

Kindly adhere to the following rules:

  • It is important to know what the forum is about before creating a thread.
  • Do not share your contact details with anybody as doing so will be at your own risk.
  • Do not spam the forum by putting irrelevant posts
  • No abuse, bullying, insult, hounding, threat, offensive content or personal attack of any such is allowed.
  • When posting sensitive contents please ensure you warn appropriately and include the age restriction sign.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. Kindly reference all posts from other platforms.
  • Do not post any personal photographs or videos of individuals without their explicit consent.
  • This forum is not meant for illegal activities like soliciting funds, promoting violence, scam, incitement, etc.
  • Pornographic contents are not allowed. However, any content with sexually explicit images that are not associated with pornography but done in a bid to educate and inform users is advised to use appropriate age restriction warning signs.
  • No hate speech, racism, bigotry, ethnic or tribal sentiments of any form is allowed on this forum.
  • The forum shall have moderators whose duties will be to moderate as well as to ensure the rules and appropriate categorizations are duly followed.
  • No cross-posting. Kindly do not post the same content on multiple topics or in multiple threads.
  • If you discover that your thread should have been made in a different topic, kindly send us a mail to move it to the correct topic
  • You are not permitted to post materials that may be libelous or defamatory in nature or damaging to the reputation of either a member of the forum or the public based on unfounded or unproven allegations or assertions about them or their activities.
  • Personal information and private discussions may not be posted on the forum unless all parties involved have consented to it.
  • Account duplication is not allowed. If duplicate accounts are discovered, the duplicates will be deactivated. However, if you would like to rename your account/user name, kindly contact us through our contact us page with your request.
  • You are not permitted to promote, advertise or sell any product or business in any way in forum posts or comments on the site.
  • Adding a link to the end of a forum post as a form of “signature” without using the forum post signature facilities is prohibited rather such a link should be added to your profile.
  • Please contact admin if at any point you would want your account deactivated.
  • Report any issue, abuse or anything that violets the rules via our contact us page.
  • Any subscriber who does not adhere to these rules may have his or her account deleted.