Africa: The alarming rate of suicide in our societies

  • Bulani

    There has been an exponential increase in the amount of people who commit suicide these days. In fact, in the last couple of months, many have died across Africa and investigations had shown that they truly committed suicide.


    Suicide I would say, is a term relatively known to Africans, in fact, whenever the word suicide  was mentioned, I always believed it was for westerners only.

    Africans are known for their communal way of life and as such, suicide could not have been any threat to the existence of people living in this part of the world.


    I was touched to have heard of a DJ who committed suicide because his wife left him. As strange as it may sound, believe me, these things happen everyday and unfortunately, a lot of people especially young people are battling this menace that has caught up with human race in this part of our world.


    A close friend of mine committed suicide 7 years ago. When I heard of it and the circumstances that led to his death, I concluded that he was killed for some reason known to his killers who never existed.

    Here was a guy who graduated from the university, got a job afterwards, two years into his job, he lost both parents from fatal accident. Unknown to him, the girl he was planning to marry, got engaged to another man and in the heat of all these, he lost his job. 

    While these were happening, i was never aware of his predicaments because i left for the US for a greener pasture and hence, lost contact with him shortly after, so you can imagine the shock i had when I received the news of his death. I must say that it was so difficult for me to believe he committed suicide because he was such a young bubbly guy full of life.


    Fast forward to this day, I have come to believe he actually did it because of the number of people who had done same in recent times.

    Again, my exposure to life outside Africa also taught me that situations come in a man's life where he is faced with uncertainty, but then again, it takes the brave hearted to carry on  believing that every uncertainty or negativity  has got expiration date and all what one needs is actually time, good friends and family to walk through such moments.


    In conclusion, being our brothers keepers can go a long way in helping someone somewhere, who's suicidal to drop such thoughts and lead a better life.

    928 days ago

  • mark1

    All we need is love because love conquers everything. Be a brother's keeper and always lend a helping hand.

    926 days ago

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