Jungle justice: Good or bad measure for justice?

  • mark1

    It pains me so much that our society has debased so badly that human lives are now worthless.

    What has Africa degenerated to? Killings and maiming have become the other of the day. The questions I ask are; what has become of the society we all grow up in? What has happened to those moral values we so cherished as a people?  Are we not meant to be our brother’s keeper anymore?

    These and many more are salient questions that need answers. Just look at this video and see what human beings have reduced human lives to. We have become so hardened that human life has become so inconsequential.

    I cannot forget an incident that happened some years ago in one Nigerian university where some university students were labelled thieves and without proper investigation, the 4 of them were beaten to death and also set ablaze on the spot.  The news making the rounds then was that they were out to retrieve a property from a fellow student who happened to live in a neighbourhood that had local vigilante, on sighting the boys, the student raised alarmed, which I believed was done in a bid to scare the boys but unfortunately, the 4 boys were apprehended by the locals and the rest as they say is history.  These were young, vibrate and responsible boys whose lives were cut down in their prime. Till today, their parents still mourn and cry for justice.

    The video of their murder was all over the internet then, I just could not post it because of how gory it was.

    Oh my Africa! Have we lost our humanity?  I am almost tempted to ask if Africa was cursed.

    As many that would be reading this  message, the onus is on us all to ensure we build a better society because, no one knows who the victim will be tomorrow.

    Let’s join hands and create a strong, loving and accommodating Africa where our kids will be happy to call home again.

    Please share your thoughts on this.

    928 days ago

  • nick

    When a society thrives on self hate then,  expect nothing less than what you just saw on the video. People should get real and start lending a helping hand rather than turning to self hate.  

    927 days ago

  • turpe

    Jungle justice can never and will never be  a good measure for justice. If you know the number of lives that had been wasted then you will know that it is a wrong  measure.

    867 days ago