Is she being wedged by life forces?

  • Ama

    “Well, let me start by saying, even though I am not tired of living, (I love being alive, in fact, if I die now, I'll be very angry) I am tired of life. I can't seem to catch a break! I'm so tired of being strong, of hanging in there (the rope is so frayed). Everyone says be strong, pray hard but honestly, it gets to a point where it all seems pointless. It gets to a point where being strong and praying seem more like a task to be fulfilled, words of encouragement aren't encouraging anymore. The light at the end of the tunnel grows dim until it is pitch black. Yet life keeps throwing one curve ball after another. Like I said, I am just tired....”

    These were the words of a friend, who is stuck and tired of things always going wrong in her life. The hope of moving forward appears to be dark. A strong personality is now very weak because she has exhausted all her energy in trying everything she could to change her situation but at every attempt, another problem pops up. When she seeks the counsel of close family and friends, all she hears is this; be strong, it will pass very soon, don’t complain everyone’s got issues and some will say pray harder like she is a lukewarm Christian. Hearing such counsel, she still takes them on board and do exactly what they have said with the hope it will get better. The truth is that it gets worse, she feels worse, and depression sinks in.

    The truth is that, there’s no harm in saying to such people that it’s ok to be tired and weak. It is ok to feel like you are powerless and cannot change your situation. It is ok to cry as much as you can. It is ok to take a break, relax, and live. They have done everything and nothing is working out. What more do you want to take out of them. If we push too hard, there is possibility of depression, heart attack and suicide. Sometimes, in accepting our circumstances and living, we find a solution which we thought was impossible.

    So many people out there are trapped and suffocating in their situations. They are hoping to break free but the possibility of that happening is 0%.

    In what ways do we start listening more and showing true concern than throwing our own personal and situational advice on them knowing everyone’s experiences in life are different? 

    926 days ago

  • Anika

    You Know, the black man always believe that only prayer can solve all things. They fail to accept the fact that, there are difficult moments which we cannot control or fight. sometimes accepting the situation and learning from it might bring success.

    926 days ago

  • Bulani

    Nothing works best than to follow your instinct especially when you've taken all sorts of advise and nothing seemed to be working. It's good to feel down sometimes and we should accept that part of our lives but then again, that moment of despondent  could also be the vehicle that could mould you into a stronger being.  Be happy all because happiness is a therapy that heals all wounds.

    926 days ago

  • Gworthason

    As for me when the forces of life places its wedge on me, after so many effort I take a chill pill. I cannot come and kill myself. The small life I have is enough. It is when we aspire for too much we put ourselves under pressure.

    926 days ago