0 days ago

  • Anika

    You Know, the black man always believe that only prayer can solve all things. They fail to accept the fact that, there are difficult moments which we cannot control or fight. sometimes accepting the situation and learning from it might bring success.

    893 days ago

  • Bulani

    Nothing works best than to follow your instinct especially when you've taken all sorts of advise and nothing seemed to be working. It's good to feel down sometimes and we should accept that part of our lives but then again, that moment of despondent  could also be the vehicle that could mould you into a stronger being.  Be happy all because happiness is a therapy that heals all wounds.

    893 days ago

  • Gworthason

    As for me when the forces of life places its wedge on me, after so many effort I take a chill pill. I cannot come and kill myself. The small life I have is enough. It is when we aspire for too much we put ourselves under pressure.

    893 days ago