Why do people cheat in marriage?

  • Ola

    Marriage to me as a growing up child was a lifelong affair. Couples adored their partners, struggled through thick and thin and ensured it lasted. We grew up loving our parents even when they wronged each other; we still showed them love without taking sides. 


    However, this is not the case in this age and time.  The reverse is the case as many married couples with the slightest provocation, are ready to abandon their marriages and move on.

    It seems a lot of people have sold their hearts to the devil that what used to be seen as immoral is now seen as moral to say the least.


    Cheating is perhaps one of the many reasons many marriages break up and it appears both men and women indulge unlike what it used to be with the generations before us who put family first before anything else. 


    People cheat for several reasons and would give reasons why they did so. I do not want to dabble into reasons people cheat when they are caught, but the question is, is there any justification for cheating?


    For me, cheating is a personal choice. That your partner cheated does not give you the right to cheat. I have heard people say that he or she cheated on me so I did same to me. There is no honour in cheating weather you cheated in ignorance or in retaliation.


    Again, there are loads of online mediocre who pose in the name of advisers to deceive younger ones as to what is right or wrong in marriage, but when you look at the antecedents of some of these so called e-advisers, you would only take their advise with a pinch of salt.


    Furthermore, the society has made young people embark on this life long journey of marriage even when they are not mentally, physically and emotionally ready for it.

    When a man or woman decides to marry, they should know that they are taking a huge step of responsibility. Biblically, marriage is meant to be for a life time and it requires a lot of hard work. When you make up your mind to marry, you have to know that you are entering a new phase of life.


    That being said, let it be known that you cannot marry and still be living the life of a single individual. This is another major reason marriages fail. Marriage is a huge responsibility and you have to be prepared in all ramifications. When you marry, you must upgrade to that status and ensure you drop certain characters you were exhibiting when you were single because certain standards are expected of you after marriage.


    For the married in the house, please do all you can to build and sustain your marriages. Most times, what you put in your marriage is what you get out of it. Like the saying goes, garbage in garbage out. 


    Let it be known that, a responsible partner is worth more than anything you can think of. Do not join the band wagon of “yes I can leave without a partner and I am ready to go all the way him them”. I am sure those of us that grew up with both of our parents together enjoyed our childhood. If you did, then why deny your kids the same?


    We need to start correcting some of the ills in our society for the sake of our tomorrow.


    Be an agent of change, help build your marriage if not for anything, for the sake of your children.

    925 days ago

  • Anika

    I agree with the writer, cheating is a personal decision.  You must not do what others are doing. Be different and lead a good life. 

    925 days ago

  • Nana

    Whatever choice you make in life,  it's your life.

    924 days ago

  • mizwhendie

    I think a lot of people are beginning to downplay d institution called marriage. We don't get to choose our parents nd siblings yet we live with dem no matter what until we are old enough to leave.  We don't just up and leave to another family . In marriage, u get to pick a partner of ur choice, one u shd b able to live with nd tolerate. I wonder y it is hrd dese days 4 pple to stick to one partner.  If u choose to stick to your birth family, u shd stick to ur partner no matter what.  

    923 days ago