The trending stories of pant theft: Myth or reality?

  • Anika

    What I thought was a joke, all of a sudden became what the whole nation was and is still talking about, from 'yahoo yahoo to yahoo plus and now pant stealing'.

    For the benefit of those who do not understand the meaning of the word 'yahoo', it is a parlance for internet fraud in Nigeria. This is a plague that has besieged the nation for years and which has turned the international search light on Nigeria. 


    Through concerted efforts by both international and crime fighting agencies in Nigeria , the fight against internet fraud has brought about some significant reduction in crime rate but still hasn't eradicated it completely, rather, the illegal trade had metamorphosed into what most people now termed evil or diabolic.


    In the light of the above, women panties go missing these days and there had been stories of men stealing either their girlfriends or some random girl’s panties for money rituals. As stupid as this may sound, it is actually happening and from what i gathered, some ladies do not wear under pants any more for fear of being attacked by these evil men. Most young people have sold their souls to the devil and are willing to make money today, enjoy tomorrow and die the next day.

     What a world we live in.


    Please share your experiences if you think it's real.

    925 days ago

  • Nana

    Sounds like a child's

    924 days ago

  • mark

    Evil people everywhere

    924 days ago