Youths: Proper time engagement, a prelude to a productive life

  • mark

    It is very disheartening to say the least that education is gradually going extinct in the lives of our youths. Young people do not value education as they ought to.


    I remember back in the day when education was what was on the lips of everyone. If you dare to venture into anything else apart from your studies, your parents will have you disowned possibly. That was when there were high moral standards both in education sector and otherwise. Permit me to say that a lot has changed and it seems to be getting even worse every day by day.

    I had and encounter with some high school students in Nigeria and I had to engage them with regards to what their plans were for the future. I was shocked that over 40% of them either wanted to have a career as sportsmen and women or were planning to have a career in the entertainment industry. Well, I do not blame them for this because when you look around, all the so called big boys are either sportsmen and women or entertainers throwing money about. These men and women and the so called entertainers have been able to create an atmosphere that makes it looks fashionable and trendy. 

    Again, big and multinational companies are always on the lookout for new entrants into these industries and they are ever ready and quick to make them ambassadors of their various products and brands and these do not come cheap.


    Furthermore, after tertiary education and with no job to back up all your struggles, of what use then is education especially in this present day Nigeria. 

    Now tell me, why would any youth want to study and engage their time in a productive way when they can easily and suddenly become rich by just coming out tops in one worthless show or the other or by becoming musicians or athletes?

    I am so pained that these big organisations who should be championing and advocating for better education and a better society are the ones in the vanguard of these senseless promotion of these not so encouraging acts with respect to education.


    A senator of the federal republic of Nigeria, senator Ben Murray Bruce, recently made a case for education with respect to budget allocation to education ministry which stands in the range of 400 billion naira as against the budget allocation to defence ministry which is more than twice of that of the education sector(over a trillion naira), then, as a parent you ask yourself, do we really want to grow that sector with this kind of lacklustre attitudes of our leaders? Why would defence ministry take precedence over education ministry? That Nigeria is battling insurgency today is as a result of negligence, myopic and nepotistic tendencies of our leaders who see nothing good in education.


    Additionally, the case of little miss success Adegor of Okotie Eboh Primary School, Sapele, Delta State Nigeria will almost drive one to tears. It exposes the rot in some of our government owned schools. How could a state like Delta with so much resource have such a dilapidated school structure as a citadel of learning? Such a shame to whomever that was responsible for the rot.

    For as many as those who genuinely wish to study but could not have a suiting atmosphere to learn, may they find helpers that will make their dreams come through because to me, our governments have failed woefully. The irony of this whole thing is that, most of these so called leaders benefited from public schools, but sheer greed and corruption have made them forget their roots.


    I believe this is not just peculiar to Nigeria but the whole of Africa.

    Until we find our bearing and go back to the roots, not only that the standard of education will improve, but also will bring back a renewed confidence with positive impact on education.


    And for the youths, I will encourage them especially those who truly want to study to have more of self study, engage themselves in more productive activities like learning any skills that may be of benefit to them like programming language, digital marketing etc. Time management is key to successful learning, so the youths should engage their time properly and ensure they build a life of comfort for themselves because as they say, time waits for nobody.

    924 days ago

  • Nana

    Africa will be better managed by foreigners. All our leaders with no exception are corrupt. Greed and love for money will never let them think outside the box for a better tomorrow. God help all of us.

    924 days ago