Mofe Duncan's marriage breakup, One breakup too many (Nollywood)

  • Nana

    It is with heavy heart that I’m writing this post. What a shock to know my darling Mofe Duncan's marriage has crashed. I am lost for words. This is one crash too many. What on earth could have caused this?


    The news of Mofe's marriage crash filtered in the air days ago and I was hoping to hear them debunk the news but alas, it was true. This is not the first time a Nollywood marriage is crashing and when they do, people like to associate it with one thing or the other.

    Let me state that, marriage has no antidote, each according to their own. The sweetest loving couple today may end up sworn enemies tomorrow and we have seen this severally. When this happens, people wonder why it happened.


     Like i said, there is no better way to a successful marriage. Marriage is work in progress 247. What works for Mr A may not work for Mr B. This is not to say that there are no rules one may follow to better understand what marriage is all about but the point i am trying to make is that marriage is the responsibility of both parties involved. Couples should decide how they want your marriage to be then mould it that way. 

    It comes with challenges no doubt but there is no challenge the power and conviction of two people who really want to be together as one cannot surmount.


    Marriage takes patience, love, trust, understanding, tolerance, support, prayer, arguments and sometimes fighting and many more you may not know until you make that bold step to marry and start living with your partner.

    The truth is that, a lot of people live in denial of these facts. I am sure no one wishes to encounter such in marriage but the question is, do we really do what we ought to be doing as married people?

    Some people physically live with their partners but in their minds they are somewhere else. People get married and due to challenges and pressure, they forget all the promises and fantasies they had before marriage. 


    Patience is virtue, so we must be patient even in the midst of a challenge if we truly want to have a lasting marriage

    Remember, no one will come and make it that heaven you envisaged before we got married but you.


    A stitch in time they say saves nine.


    God bless every married couple in the house who are holding out.

    924 days ago

  • Prince
    Any marriage that is devoid of tolerance has its route to crashing. Marriage requires patience among other things.

    924 days ago

  • Bulani

    Such a pretty damsel. I hope they reconcile soon.

    880 days ago