My personal ordeal as a young hustling boy, an experience I will never forget

  • kunle

    This a true life story and I'm here to share my experience as a young hustling boy who all I wanted was to make money ‘anyway, anyhow’. I believe my story will serve as a lesson to young boys and girls wanting to get rich quick by any means possible. I believe God had plans for me after this incident on that fateful day.

    Back in the 2000, I was young, daft and so naive and all I wanted was to make money and join the so called big boys of my age and time.
    After high school, I was home waiting for my senior examination certificate and I was too hyper as a boy. I was ready to do anything to make money because after secondary school, no one gives you money except only on Christmas and Easter periods.
    Back then, we had a pub popularly called beer parlour where every young guy comes to chill in the evenings. 
    On one of my visits to the pub, I met some guy who happened to be on the fast lane popularly called yahoo boys who just got back from Europe with so much money.
    Back then, they were into what was called 'wash wash', some of you who were around then will probably know what I meant by that parlance 
    Apparently, one of the guys bought a car for a family member and needed a driver that will drive it home somewhere in the eastern part of Nigeria and was willing to pay a certain amount of money which I felt was reasonable for a young hustler like me. Without thinking twice, I told him I could drive and that in fact I know my way down to his place which was a big lie. 
    Then, I could only drive within Lagos but had never driven out of Lagos.

    I was offered the job and the next morning I was already on my way to the east without telling any of my family members of my mission because I knew I wasn't going to be allowed. So fixated on the money that I had already planned what I was going to do with the money, so preventing me from going was the last thing I ever wanted.

    Travelling alongside me was a friend who accompanied me because the plan was to take a night bus back to Lagos so that my family probably won't notice my absence for one night. 
    It was a smooth ride and we got there around 7:pm, by the time we were done with the handing over of the car to his family, it was already 9:pm. From there, we made our way straight to the luxury park. 

    This part of my story was the most interesting and the scariest. As we landed at the park, we made straight to a particular luxury bus company calling on passengers to board their bus. As we got on it, the bus had just three remaining seats in front roll which were empty. As we sat down waiting for the last passenger to occupy the third seat, my friend who accompanied me decided to go have a smoke for the last time before we make our way back to Lagos.
    So furious, I queried why, he ignored my queries and made his way straight to a nearby kiosk and sat down for a smoke. When I realised he wasn't going to listen, I had no choice than to go chill with him. 
    This singular act of his infuriated me so much that I wanted to know why cigarette of all things will be the thing that will drive us out of a comfortable bus with extra leg room.
    Well, when he was done smoking, we made our way back to the same bus but unfortunately for us the bus had left for Lagos. We ended up using a rickety bus back to Lagos, so uncomfortable that I complained almost every 30mins as we were moving on a snail pace speed, In fact, we almost fought inside the bus because of my complaints.

    Finally, we made it to a state called Ogun state towards redemption camp around 6am in the morning. On getting to the redemption ground, there was a terrible traffic and everyone was wondering what could have caused such a heavy traffic that early. When we finally got to the point where the traffic emanated, it then dawned on us that the bus which we initially boarded had just been robbed and the passengers seated right where we ought to have seated had it been we went with that bus were shot and killed by armed robbers who got information that a trader was going to Lagos with loads of cash to purchase goods.

    This is one experience I will never forget in my life.
    To this day, I still thank God and my friend for making such an impromptu visit to the cigarette seller.

    My advice is for parents and guardians are to always know the whereabouts of their children because, if I hadn't survived that trip, no one probably would have known what happened to me till date.

    Stay safe and live right

    922 days ago

  • mark

    You story is nothing to compare to what I have been through in this life. Lucky you though, at least you survived to tell your story.

    922 days ago