I got into drugs through a friend

  • admin

    Would you call this frustration or peer pressure? Though she said her boyfriend introduced her to smoking weed and cocaine but, what has she done on her path to salvage herself from the situation she found herself? It is easy to put the blame on someone and very hard to take responsibilities of your own actions even after she claimed to have visited rehab centres.

    Our youths should sit up and engage themselves with more productive things. We only live once therefore, should make the best out of life.

    Whatever that you are battling today, just know that solution might be out there if only you could voice out. Log on to this forum and voice out your fears, concerns etc. Together we can make a better society.

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    921 days ago

  • Gworthason

    A lot of things must have led into have such boyfriend in her circle. Sometimes we can't blame this people totally.  I pray she fully recovers in Rehab

    920 days ago

  • Nana

    A lot of people fall into this catagory and all what we need is a re-orientation of the mindset of our youths as to the dangers of hard drugs . It's a no brainer that hard drugs kill and destroy therefore,we should always be on the look out to know behavious of people around us change.

    920 days ago

  • turpe

    May our children never live such a life of waste.

    906 days ago

  • Bulani

    Drugs kill and destroy. Stay woke people

    880 days ago