The growing incidents of father-child molestation/defilement

  • Jeda

    I heard a story in one of the dailies of a father who molested and defiled his 10 month and his 1 year old children.


    First of all, I would say that I took the story with a pinch of salt because it sounded quite unbelievable. Unfortunately, this was a sad true story after I had done my research and found out it was true.

    I have always heard of incestuous relationship but never knew how far these perverts could go. How can one justifies being the person who stripped his children of their innocence in such a cruel manner? This is mean, barbaric, inhumane and absurd to say the least. Is this what the world has turned to? This is an incident no father would ever want to imagine let alone stand and watch someone perpetrate such on their child. Gosh! What a wicked world we live in. 


    I find it very frustrating that up till this very moment, some men still haven't realised the traumatic and negative impact rape could have on their victims. I have counselled quite a few of rape victims and their stories are always similar. This is no joke as people will want to make it look. Imagine the damage this man would have done to their reproductive organs. This is wicked and callous.


     I have come to the conclusion that castration should be the punishment for rapists and people like this man as proposed by some people. This hopefully may help reduce the number of would be offenders who may want to indulge and possibly renders convicted offenders usefully useless in their life time when they are done with serving their time.


    579 days ago