Honesty and openness as elixirs to sustainable marriage/relationship

  • mel

    Many a time, people struggle in their relationships and oftentimes wondered why it did not work after given it 100% of their time.

    Relationships have their ups and downs as we all know but sometimes failures or breakups are self induced due to some people's inability to be transparent, open minded and honest.

    What we should realise is that openness and honesty are very essential in every relationship  because when you bare your heart open and lay it down to your partner, you will have little or nothing to worry about as clear conscience fears no accusations.


    I will urge everyone who seeks genuine relationship to try as much as possible to be open to their partners because when you do, it limits unwarranted accusations/side talks that may arise from your past to hunt you. Though, this measure may not go down well with some partners who may find it hard to wrap their heads around their partners past life style when being informed. It worked for me and I have always advised friends and family who truly want to experience lasting relationship and I must tell you that the result has been significant.


    This might be the remedy you need to make your relationship work. Why don't you give it a go?

    576 days ago

  • mizwhendie

    I think it would be better to understand your partners level of maturity. While being open has saved alot of relationships, it has done its fair share of harm to other relationships.

    Some partners lack the maturity to look beyond their spouses past. There are some school of thought that claim not to be interested in their partners past too.

    566 days ago