Observation: Much ado about sex

  • mimi

    Back in the day, life was good. Relationships between two opposite sexes were mostly kept  secret until both parties were fully prepared to take it to the next level where both families will come together to formalise it. This act of formalization is called union or marriage between two loved ones.

    However, the opposite is the case nowadays. The world has commonized and commercialized sex that sometimes one wonders if sex is the only topic people think and discuss about. If awards were to be given, you will be amazed the number of people this awards will go to with regards to this topic. How can one describes or justifies this ugly phenomenon? Whenever I tune into a radio station, it is always about sex, TV stations are not spared either. This ugly trend has to stop if we must raise an army of responsible youths.

    Social media platforms seem not to be helping in this regard. Little wonder it has been so trivialized that if you aren't talking about sex you aren't talking about anything yet. I have seen loads of naked and semi naked individuals who saw nothing wrong exposing their bodies on social media and even went as far as collecting money to entertain people with their nude bodies.
    Furthermore, numerous adverts on sex enhancing drugs for men who perform below average with their ladies is another area to talk about. This is another area the government should address. Every Tom, Dick and Harry claim they sell sex enhancers. They all praise the efficacy of their products on how they help families overcome their sexual problems etc. I do not have issues with this but I am concerned because I do not know if these products went through any serious clinical trial to ascertain its fitness for purpose.

    Sex is a private matter and should be seen and treated as private. We should learn to educate our younger ones on issues that are more critical to their socio-economic well being than indulge them with sex matters. The youths we build today are the future we create tomorrow. We should all imbibe good cultural values and make them our life style.

    572 days ago