Opinion: Relationship between feminism and marriage

  • Alisi

    I have noticed that marriages do not last anymore and this could be as a result of several factors which I think include the fact that a lot of women are pushing the feminism agenda openly or secretly.

    Though, this is my personal opinion but I strongly think there is a correlation between failed marriages and feminism. How can marriage and relationships no longer last since we started to push this feminism agenda all over the world.

    Before now, men were seen as kings and heads and certain aspects of our daily activities were left for men to handle. But in recent times, the talk of feminism and equality have covered our airwaves and all social media platforms and this in my opinion is not done with good intentions as it could be the reason we have had so much failed institutions like failed marriages, marital problems, killings in marriages, abuses etc. To be fair with some ladies, their intents with feminism are honourable but I am speaking about those who see it as equality with male folks and with this mindset, it will only lead to chaos and disaster. When you hear a hardcore feminist speaks, you could hear hate, toxicity, desperation and this can only lead us to nothing but more confusion.

    This generation has missed the point and for us to correction this anomaly, we need to go back to the drawing board, if not, in a few years to come, marriage will be nothing but a mirage.

    This is my 2cents.

    572 days ago

  • mesi

    I do not see anything wrong in being a feminist but I will advise that we tread with caution as marriage is an institution ordained and made sacrosanct by God. We should always respect our husbands and do away the thought equality with men as regards their position in the family because men were made to be the head of the family. 

    569 days ago