The future generation of kids are already being degenerated

  • amaka

    Our kids have drifted to the point that they live and justify all kinds of life styles especially what they watch and see on TV. 

    I have watched on several occasions high school kids kissing and having sex in their class rooms in the full glare of other students and posting them online. This is utterly wrong. When you see these kids acting this way, the question that comes to mind is whether they have parents and guardians at all because if they do, somehow, the videos would get to them. 


    Fortunately, this is the era of social media so nothing basically is hidden any more. My heart goes out to the parents of these kids because their only crime was to send them to school to learn and be useful to themselves but like the saying goes, you can force a horse to the stream but can't force it to drink.

    To these kids, they might be having fun without realising that they are destroying their future inadvertently.

    Parents should please try to monitor their kids always. Do some spot checks on them. Try and know the kind of friends they keep in and outside of their school environments.

    As much as we cannot be everywhere to monitor them but these little checks could prevent a huge pit fall you never could have imagined. 

    570 days ago

  • Chudi

    I would not put all the blame on the parents. Some kids are naturally naughty and they want to do things the way they feel is good for them regardless of the outcome. Do your best as a parent and let the rest to God. 

    570 days ago