We should also teach our boys to be responsible.

  • mesi

    We should start teaching our men and not just the girls to be responsible. We will all agree that parents focus more on a girl child because the society has a certain expectation from them and in so doing, downplaying the need to also channel the same energy to the male child.

    Let me remind us that whatever that is good for the goose is also good for the gander. 

    We all want our female daughters to grow up responsible and marry loving, God fearing husbands but we do less in raising such God fearing men for other ladies to marry.

    Let's all looking inward from this day on and see how we can create a society that will be hostile free for  both male and female after all, who does not want to have a good son or daughter in-law?

    569 days ago

  • mizwhendie

    Very important!!! It beats me that pple are more fixated on bringing up the girl child bcos according to them 'there are certain expectations from her'. We are quick to forget that the society comprises both male and female. 

    Just as we raise our daughters to be responsible women and wifes.  We ought to raise our boys to be responsible men and husbands too. It takes two to tango

    566 days ago