The intricacies of corona virus pandemic and human error

  • admin

    It is no news that the world is facing a global pandemic on humanity. Over a million people have been inflicted and thousands have died alone without their families beside them in their last moments. 

    Health workers globally are struggling to keep patients alive with the little medical supplies they have left.

    The world right now is depending on scientists to quickly produce a vaccine that will halt the spread of the virus before it wipes humanity out of the earth.

    While there are many speculations and conspiracy theories in regards to the outbreak., the two major theories are that corona virus  (covid-19) is a conspiracy to hide the deadly effect of 5G network which is been launched globally and is now killing a lot of people. While there is also the belief that this virus is a biological warfare powered towards who leads the world.

    If there is truth in any of these theories then humans are despicable and opportunistic beings.

    We have created a weapon which is now beyond our physical power, intelligence and money. As estimated, hundreds of thousands of people will died in the next few weeks. 

    This is not just the time to voice out but also for humanity to come together and concertedly find a lasting solution to this pandemic and collectively heal the world.  


    Do not lose your voice. See it, say it….voice it aloud!

    535 days ago

  • mizwhendie

    I feel like the virus was created as a biological warfare targeted at a particular set of pple. It shows how wicked d human mind can be as the human race is being threatened with exitinction. Pple are dying by the minute and d solution is nowhere in sight.

    I do not particularly agree with d 5G conspiracy theory as I really do not see any correlation btwn d technology nd the virus... I may b wrong.

    I pray God comes to our aid at this extremly difficult time

    532 days ago