My thoughts on dating married men

  • Nana

    Some ladies derive joy in dating and sleeping with married men and they see nothing wrong with that.
    To me, I see it as immoral and despicable to say the least. The agony a wife goes through knowing her husband sleeps around can't be imagined.

    For a lady who has not experienced her man cheating on her wouldn't know how painful it can be. Some ladies even justify dating married men as there are no strings attached unlike when dating single men.
    Aside from that, ladies also see married men as money making machines because of their deep pockets
    This may sound good to side chicks but I have often advised, what you would not accept please do not do to others.

    Please share your thoughts and opinions!

    374 days ago

  • mark1

    The world has changed to the point that what is usually not normal is now seen as normal. This says a lot  about where the world is going in years to come.

    373 days ago

  • elna

    Let us not deceive ourselves, anyone who does not frown at ladies dating married men is capable of doing the same. Like the writer said, "what you would not accept, please do not give to others".  Apart from it being against our collective principles, it is also bad in the sight of God. Please stop if you are part of the people who painting ladies black by engaging in this kind of immoral behaviour. As they say, the end justifies the means. Please be guided. 

    372 days ago

  • Nana


    Well said. Thumbs up sis....

    372 days ago