The level of suicide among Nigerian youths is very alarming

  • Bulani

    The level of suicide in Nigeria these days is very alarming to say the least. In the last couple of months, there had been stories of people committing suicide which is quite disturbing considering the age bracket of these individuals.

    Recently, an undergraduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka was reported to have committed suicide after a post he made on Facebook got viral. It was alleged that the boy was battling with dementia and had threatened to commit suicide in the past which he later carried out recently.

    Chukwuemeka Akachi. Source: Facebook

    Again, another student of Delta state university jumped into the river and drowned for failing his exams. The list goes on and on. This is completely alien to Africa.

    One trend that is very consistent is the age bracket of these individuals. All of them were in their prime before their death.

    I have been trying to know the reason why people choose the path of suicide rather than seek help from therapists or institutions that could counsel them.

    This is a trend we must reject as a people because; no nation can function well when its youths are killing themselves. Our leaders should try and come up with programmes that could help look after these sought of people whether you are depressed, victimised, rape etc because, these are some of the things that could lead to depression which most times metamorphosed into people committing suicide

    Finally, the youths should desist or reduce their urge of using social media often because there are lies flying about that people tell. Some of the things one sees on social media could affect ones orientation and thoughts if one is not careful. 

    Rest in peace to the dead!

    881 days ago

  • Bulani

    RIP to the dead

    857 days ago