I am in a state of depression right now

  • sibi

    It is true that failure is the most important step to reaching success, but it can still feel like it's crushing your soul. They say to overcome failure you must make failure your friend and not your enemy. 


    I have a strong personality and I have applied the above principles each time I failed. I have failed so many times but somehow I always pick myself up. 


    Today, I have lost all the spirit to keep fighting. I started my professional journey (ACCA) with three of my friends. They all quitted one year into the journey but I kept fighting alone reminding myself of the end benefit. It's been 8yrs of pain with zero saving, no social life, sleepless night and nothing to show for all my hard work. Everyone keeps saying you are almost there, just keeping fighting.


    It was foolish of me to have made plans this year on how my life will improve. I made those plans because I was positive that I was never going to fail. I gave this exam my best at 200% (if there is anything like that). Right now all my energy is gone, the little spirit I had left for fighting is gone. 


    The emptiness I feel at the moment, I cannot tell what it means.

    559 days ago

  • Jeda

    Hi dear, whatever you are going through is a phase. Life it too short to be stressed. Challenges are part of our daily lives so I urge you to pick up your pieces and fight on. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

    559 days ago

  • mimi

    I know how hard it may be for you but remember what they say, 'quitters are losers'.

    If you see yourself as a loser then quit but if not, just carry on fighting.  8years is too long to hang on your boot.  I wish you all the best.

    558 days ago