0 days ago

  • Ama

    If you are going into marriage just hope for the best.  A partner with strong morals and discipline will never cheat on his or her partner no matter the temptation. If you should start now thinking about cheating in your marriage then something is definitely wrong.

    I will implore you to enjoy your spinsterhood and then, whenever you decide to marry, you should marry a man who is honest, respects and adores you because I believe those are the fundamentals in every successful marriage. Though no one is perfect but when you have such a man in your life then 50% of the problem is solved. You can never go wrong in an honest relationship.

    521 days ago

  • Bliss

    We tend to always see men as the people who cheat. What about the ladies? Let’s not pretend as if we do not know that ladies cheat as well. What you cannot take, please do not give. I always see ladies talk about how their men cheat. My question is this, as ladies, are we cheat-proof? You should ask yourself that question before venturing into marriage.  He who comes with equity must come with clean hands.

    We all should strive to uphold the sanctity of marriage be it a man or a woman. 

    519 days ago

  • mark

    I believe marriage is for 2 mature adults and not for kids as we see these days. There must be reasons for going into marriage. We should not be carried away by the things around us as we should always remember the reason why we are in it which may or not be met. However, whatever the situation may be, there must be complete openness, clear understanding, unalloyed tolerance and undoubtedly love at all times from both parties.  

    Good people still abound make no mistakes about that. As much as there will always a rogues amongst us, The power to keep our homes is our hands. 

    519 days ago

  • Rose

    If only we should do all what we read in the bible and do all we were told to do by our counsellors, then there won't be need for such fears.

    518 days ago