Suicide? Never an option

  • admin

    Suicides is never the best solution to end your pain. 
    Before you make that decision, think about the people you are leaving behind and the pain you will put them through over your death. -
    Whatever is going on with you, speak to someone about it. There are so many people experiencing the same pain. You will never know when you stay silent.
    Whenever that evil thoughts of Suicide comes to mind, remind yourself why you deserve to live and seek help from a professional. If you can, say a Prayer. God loves you a lot and he will never want you to take your own life.

    522 days ago

  • Anika

    For perpetrators, suicide means all hope is lost. If only they knew that there is life after every downfall.

    Please no matter the situation, do not give up. There is always a ray of light at the end of every tunnel. Be strong. 

    509 days ago

  • Bob

    Life has got no duplicate. Fix your life to avoid this kind of deaths. 

    RIP Ms.

    504 days ago