Strictly for ladies

  • kunle

    I saw this piece on a platform and thought I should share it here.


    “In the past two weeks, FEMALES seem to have lost their Dignity and Pride with the numerous challenges targeted at them that require exposing parts of their BODIES which society considers private for little sums of MONEY.

    In FACEBOOK groups, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and all social media platforms, any post on what do you need? 95% of the replies by the FEMALES would be MONEY. Ask them to drop a pic of themselves in BED, in SHOWER, in night WEARS, post pics of their BUMS or BOOBS gets so much replies by even Girls who are supposedly in the working class league. Many times, I ask myself these Girls are people’s daughters, friends, more baffling a MAN’S lover, GIRLFRIEND and surprisingly someone’s WIFE.

    The question is how do we get our LADIES to discipline themselves at the sight of MONETARY gains and carry their BODIES with PRIDE? How do you lose your dignity because of a RECHARGE CARD you can comfortably afford yourself?

    Remember, some of these GIRLS would birth the next generation of KIDS if we help them now, we are indirectly going to save the society from MORAL COLLAPSE”


    It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people are still not paying attention to the damage social media is causing us all especially to our young girls. It is high time we spoke out and look for a way to reverse this ugly trend if not, the next generation will be hit the most


    Credit: Ibrahiimo

    521 days ago

  • Nana

    The trend is quite dishonourable and degrading to say the least. It breaks my  heart whenever I see ladies showing off their stupidity on social media. How can one explain what is going on again? This isn't poverty, this is a personality disorder, if not, then tell me why some ladies will be so comfortable exposing their bodies live to the whole world on social media for a meagre amount.

    We forget that there is certain lever nudity or whatever you call it can take us as a ladies, what then happens after that? Please use the time you have now to upgrade yourself as much as you can so that when tomorrow comes you won't have no regrets. 

    If you fail to work on your tomorrow today, I am sorry because you might still end up showing off your nudity in 60s when you should have been enjoying your today's hard work.

    519 days ago

  • Rose

    I have no qualms when people comment on issues like this but my only problem is when people who secretly support this sort of act are out here condemning it because others did.

    Do not be surprised by the out pour of sentiments exhibited by these so called hypocrites of individuals. They condemn it yet they participate by logging in to watch.

    That been said, it is totally wrong for ladies to be undermining their respect and dignity in a classless manner. You are what you are by the things you say, act or do. Please when next you want to take off that clothe, think of the impact it will have not just on you put also on viewers especially the younger ones who may believe that all they had to do to be noticed is by stripping off for the pleasure of men.

    518 days ago