The culture of Stripping for birthdays

  • Bliss

    No disrespect especially to these women because I believe they have achieved a lot in their various careers.

    However, I have noticed recently a trend among men and women going naked to celebrate their birthdays. What this means is left for people to imagine but the point I am trying to make is that this new culture of going naked to celebrate birthdays is a culture that will spell doom for the younger generation. If older women are doing this now then what will the youths looking up to them will do tomorrow?

    Some of these things seem right in our eyes but have serious implications especially on people who aspire to be like them. This trend is very common with celebrities, social media influencers etc. I am seriously looking for the person who will tell me the reason behind this act because I do not want to be seen as being hasty in making conclusion.


    The world is currently going through a crisis and I think it calls for a sober reflection not just on our lives but also on the way we have impacted others.

    Our doings today affect our tomorrow. Let us all be guided and try as much as we can to leave responsibly.


    We owe ourselves a duty to act and live responsibly.

    519 days ago

  • Nana

    The society is morally bankrupt and nothing contrary any one says to me that matters. If as an adult you are so comfortable doing this, then what moral standing do you have to scold your daughters when they misbehave? 

    This is really getting out of hand and people are not addressing it as much as they should. I believe we are sitting on a keg of gun power. 

    It is sad when you see some parents yelling at the wards for posting their nude online when they themselves are the engineers and architects of such lifestyle. They forget that they are their children's number one role models.

    If my mum goes naked at age 45 and feels comfortable about it, then why can't I do it at age 14? After all, mum did it and no one condemned it. This is the mentality of most kids out there.  

    Responsible lifestyle does not take anything away from us. 

    519 days ago

  • sibi

    I believe they are all adults. As long as they are above 18 years of age, I do not care. Everyone should be responsible of what they do. Whatever you sow, you shall reap.

    518 days ago

  • elna

    This has become a trend all over the world. There is nothing wrong with stripping, that is, if you are stripping for the right reason and what are those reason? Only strip for your husband or your wife. Any other thing apart from this is not acceptable to me. Let us try and up our moral standard in whatever we do.

    518 days ago