Be mindful of who you make your role models

  • elna

    Social media has become a place to dump all sorts of rubbish all in the name of proving a point. In recent times, there has been a surge in the way and manner especially the celebrities come online and give advice when certain situations occur.


    Not too long a ago, a popular Nigerian actress on her youtube channel advised ladies to be cashing out on married men because those men will never be theirs so she advised they take advantage of their relationship with married men as that is the only benefit they can get from such relationship.


    Well, these are the kind of things you hear and you question the morality of such individuals.

    Though the lady in question later came back to debunk the advise by stating that it was more of a measure adopted to checkmate married men. This was after she had received backlash from internet trolls who called her out for being so ignorant.

    That you are a celebrity does not make you daft or senseless. Spoken words are powerful, persuasive and highly compelling, therefore, we should be guided in our utterances as ones interpretation to a statement may differ from the intent of the originator. We should all be aware that a lot of us look up to people who are famous and in one way or the other want to be like them thus, their words sometimes become our driving force in life . 

    So for such statement coming from a mother of a teenager who should know better was quite distasteful and disappointing.  


    Let our words, actions and life style reflect positivity. 

    517 days ago