I am pregnant but do not know who could be responsible after a one night stand with 2 brothers. Please advice.

  • Ms Olivia

    Some couple of months back, I was invited by a friend to her uncle’s all night house part. This was a party no one wanted to miss especially among our friends. I was excited because I have not been to a party hosted by an older man. It has always been a fantasy to me until my friend invited me. My friend’s uncle is a rich man and we all knew there was going to be a lot to eat and drink at the party.

    Fast forward to the day of the party, I and a couple of friends who were also invited were there and I must confess, it was the most interesting outing I have ever been because, there were loads of food to eat, a lot to drink and different games to play, in fact, the place was packed to the brim as people from all walks of life came. Being a rich man, the house was as big as any edifice you can think of, befitting a man of that status.

    As I confessed earlier that it was my best outing ever, it was also the day I will never forget in my entire life.

    Now this is my story. I met these two handsome guys there at the party and they were all over me just like some other guys were. As a young naive lady, I really felt their aura around me. Their presence and persistent wooing kind of made me lose my ability to think or discern. We played, danced, ate etc. Note that these particular guys were coming at me at intervals. I must admit that at some point in the night, I had sex with them without letting them know I slept with both of them at different times. I wouldn’t say I was raped rather I was carried away by all that was happening there.

    To cut the story short, I saw myself falling for these two guys without realising that they were brothers. Initially, I did not know they were brothers because they were both doing their things separately all night not until much later in the morning when one of them came to collect my number and inadvertently told me his brother was waiting for him in the car that I got to know about them being brothers. This piece information broke my heart because I was already hoping to have a relationship with either of them.  


    Well, I have continued to be friends with one of the brothers as we constantly talk and chat because they don’t stay in the same area where I stay. Our relationship has gotten to the point that he is now asking me out on a date which I am somehow apprehensive because of this guilt that as brothers, they must have discussed how cheap and slutty I was on that night.


    Now, the crux of the matter is that I am pregnant which I am very sure one of them must been responsible for as I have not slept with another guy since then. As things stand currently, I do not believe they have discussed me as I said earlier because if they did, I am pretty sure he wouldn’t be asking me out. I have told him that I am pregnant as a result of our one night stand and he seems to be very ok with the news and has even agreed that we keep the baby. I really love this guy because he has always been calling and checking up on me. In fact, he is making arrangements to come and see me soon because he wants to be involved in the baby’s life from now on.

    My problem is this, what if I keep the baby and at the end of the day, the baby turns out to be his brothers, what will be my fate? Mind you, his brother has never called or asked how I was doing after that night despite the fact that he collected my number just like his brother did. Though, I wouldn’t blame him on this because to him, it was a just a one night stand with no strings attached so why should he bother himself if he had no interest in me?


    Oh, I forgot to mention that I had an abortion at 14 which brought about some serious complications and was warned by the doctors never to terminate pregnancy ever again.

    I am seriously in a fix and so torn  between telling the truth or keeping it forever.


    Please guys, I know I’ve made mistakes and have messed up my life. All I wanted is forgiveness and to make peace with my God and my family because they will be so disappointed in me if this relationship does not work out. I really goofed but right now,  I am now well informed and more responsible.


    Please advice.

    421 days ago

  • eleano

    There is no need keeping it a secret. The earlier you let it out the better for all parties involved. There are secrets one cannot keep for long and yours is one of such. Think of what will happen in future  if your child realises that the person he or she calls daddy isn't actually the dad but rather, his supposed dad is the brother to his real dad.

    This is a very delicate situation and you have to tread softly. I will advice you call him and say nothing but the truth. You never know, he may forgive you. after all, they are brothers. 

    420 days ago

  • Feroza

    You already made the mistake by allowing yourself be used by two brothers.  You need to come clean with this guy if you really want to have a chance of having relationship devoid of regrets. Tell him now before the child is born and free your mind from this bondage.

    419 days ago

  • Ola

    The only thing I will advice is to make peace with your heart before you get into that relationship if not, the future may be disastrous.

    418 days ago

  • Pinnky

    My dear just tell him the truth to free your mind.

    The mistake has already been done.

    418 days ago

  • Ms Olivia


     I really do not want to be keeping secrets. This is not who I am or who I want to be. I want to be as open as I can with my partner. I am only worried because two brothers are involved and I do not know how he will handle it. I have made up my mind to tell and whatever that comes out of it, so be it.


    412 days ago

  • Ms Olivia

    Thank you guys for all your contributions. l have decided to tell him and will keep you all updated.

    412 days ago