social media: a curse or blessing?

  • Anika

    Our society has been infested with deceit, lies and fake lives people live and showcase on social media. If one says that our society is now going from bad to worse then, one is not far from the truth.

    Before the advent of internet or rather, before it became popular, we were known for hard work. People laboured to earn a living but that cannot be said of today’s society.

    It is true that internet has brought some level of prosperity to a lot of people, families and homes but also the negative impact it brought is something that is worrisome.

    These days we see and hear what celebrities share on social media just to send a message that they are progressing in whatever they are doing. This to me is a good sign that their handiwork is paying off but the truth of that matter is that most of them are economical with the truth. There is this popular saying that you should “fake it till you make it” and this mentality has drowned a lot of individuals especially the younger ones who are looking up to some celebrities thinking that some of the things they post online are theirs.

    The social media space was agog yesterday after a popular blogger Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, founder of ‘Breakup or Makeup’ was arrested and disgraced for lying that she built a house when actually it was another person’s house she shared on her social media platform. What made it worse was that even when she was called out by her followers that the house wasn’t hers, she went ahead to share more pictures of the house just to convince them that she is the rightful owner. This act of deceit infuriated the owner who eventually got her arrested and disgraced her.

    Well, my advice to all is to be focused in whatever you do. Do not be deceived by the things you see on social media. There is dignity in labour and most importantly, consistency is very necessary in whatever you do. Let us help create a responsible society.

    880 days ago

  • grace

    Why disgrace yourself when you know you don't have the means? What a shame

    880 days ago

  • Chudi


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