Why do people who claim they love you get mad at u easily at the slight provocation?

  • Obi

    My girlfriend of one month asked me to buy her underpants of my choice on one of my travels. She is heavy breasted and needed something more comfortable. As an individual, I prefer white coloured materials because they signify purity for me. That being said, I got her a couple of white coloured bras and since then we have not been on talking terms. My offence was that I got her colours she does not like. If my girlfriend could be upset with me for exercising my right of choice then, I wonder want will happen when I do something contrary to her wish.


    Honestly, I am a bit worried and seriously thinking about the relationship. I do not want to live a caged life. With this, I am beginning to see some other side of her which I did not see earlier and it is making me go crazy introspectively.


    Please, what do you guys think I should do? 

    508 days ago

  • Uju

    This sounds funny...but who wears white bras these days?lol

    On a serious note, the relationship is still new and with time , you will get to understand each other. It is always important to discuss your likes and dislikes in relationships. Now that you know her prefrence, try and make it up to her next time.  

    507 days ago

  • amaka

    I mean no disrespect, but your submission sounded like someone who likes to find faults in people. 

    One month isn't enough to know someone and also isn't enough to throw in the towel. Create time to bond. Ask questions and discuss those things you know that may cause problems in the relationship. This is one of the problems people encounter in marriage, marrying a spouse you do not really know much about.

    507 days ago

  • Bob

     It is easy to love but very difficult to be in love. You should have given her the money to buy for herself rather than making a mockery of a novice that you are…lol. Lesson learned so next time, involve yourself in the things you have knowledge of to avoid same mistake. Very funny though..hahaha

    504 days ago