Could my ex be the father of my son? I am very worried!!

  • Madge

    I have been married for 2+ years now and everything seems to be okay. I have a little secret which I have not and do not know how to share with my husband. My husband is a good man to the best of my knowledge and has been taking care of me since we got married.

    During our courtship, I could say he was a womaniser of which I was aware before we got married. We fought severally about it but I realised it wasn’t what I could control.

    On a lighter side, he is gorgeous and lovely. He adores and respects me just like a woman would want her man to do. These and many more are the qualities I saw that made me marry him. To be sincere, since we got married, he has never done or act in a way that suggests he still cheats and I am so proud to say this.

    Right now, my heart is heavy burdened after cheating on him with my ex boyfriend few days to our wedding. It was my fault because I should never have seen him. I lost total control of myself and gave in to sex. This is one secret I have kept with me and it is beginning to eat me up.


    My son just turned 2 years old a couple of weeks back and he looks exactly like my ex. He is very stubborn and naughty just like him. The scariest thing is that his penis shape is quite similar with my ex.

    I am scared because I slept with my husband around this period severally. I am seriously thinking of going for a DNA test. Yes, I know I should have gone for a DNA test before writing this piece. I am scared what will be my fate if the test fails. How will I face my husband? I am not wayward and have never gone out of my marriage to cheat on husband apart from that day. That was a one off and I have no justification for it. I regret ever stepping my foot into my ex’s house that afternoon. I feel dirty thinking about this. Can I ever forgive myself if the baby is his? Will my husband forgive me? And even if he does, how will my relationship with him look like? I love him so much and do not want to ever lose him.

    I am seriously in a fix Please help. 

    506 days ago

  • nick

     It pricks my heart to hear things like this. There are crimes that you can say that are pardonable. This isn’t one of them honestly. I read your story and I thought about what it would have been if I were told that my father wasn’t my real father. I am sure you did not think about your family when you indulged. Look at the pain you have caused yourself and the potential agony you may put your husband through.  We do things without thinking of the consequences and at the end of the day, we start looking for who or what to blame it on.

    Whether the DNA results comes out positive or negative, you owe your hubby a duty of letting him know what transpired followed by apology. Only then will you make peace with yourself.

    I wish you good luck. 

    506 days ago

  • Caroline

    Keeping off your ex is the best thing to do gor yourself not because you don't want to be friends but because of issues like this. Most exes are spoilers especially the ones that are still finding it hard to let go. Marriage is scread and should be respected. This is a very sad situation and I hope you are able to sort yourself out.

    Let this serve as a lesson to anyone reading this that it takes just one mistake to ruin your life. There is no gain in sleeping around. Respect your partner and your body.  There is more to life than all of these.

    505 days ago