I need a break for my sanity

  • Bulani

    I have been dating this lady for about 6 months and we have been having it rough for the past 3 months. She visits mostly on weekends and occasionally some days that I may be off from work. She is quite independent and as a business owner, she has a lot of time to throw about because her business is seasonal.


    I am starting to realise that we won’t be as compatible as we are as friends if we eventually get married. She is an outgoing type while I am the opposite. She attends to almost every party she is invited to. She likes travelling on holidays and does that alone most of the time. This has been a recurring decimal in our relationship and I do not find it appropriate. For me, travelling without your partner is not proper especially when your partner is free enough to go on such journey with you. She has been to several countries and when I complain, she calls me insecure guy. The term “insecure” is very derogatory to me to say the least.  I have tried to make her reason with me but this has proved abortive.


    Recently, a guy approached me and warned that I leave her girlfriend alone. He went further to say that if I refuse to let go of her, that, I will be liable for any consequences that may arise from what will happen. Truth be told, he was able to describe her person and even mentioned her full names as he was giving the warning, In fact, I could not even counter a word he said to me because all he said about her was the truth. I have asked her twice about this guy and she kept denying. I really do not want to accuse her because I do not know who is lying between the two of them.

    All I want now is a time out and see if I could clear my head a bit. I have had much this last 3 months and will be nice to see back and have some thought provoking questions regards our relationship.

    Any advice will be hep.

    500 days ago

  • kunle

    A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage so they say. If you think it's not  working then quit. 

    498 days ago

  • Gworthason

    If everything you explain is true, then you need to checkout from the relationship. It is obvious you both are not compatible.

    495 days ago

  • Amelia


    I concur with this assertion.

    489 days ago