This lockdown period is an opportunity to acquire more skills and Knowledge.

  • kunle

    Every day that I open up my phone, I get discouraged by the things I see on social media. Almost everyone has become a beggar and that is the true sad situation. Choosing to help someone is not a bad idea; nonetheless, it is very hard to tell the people who really need help and those who do not. This is actually a very irritating and condemnable situation. We could do more as a people but not by coming online to beg. A lot of youths should channel the energy they use in begging to better their lives.


    The internet is a place of knowledge and there are so much one can learn that will be beneficial. There are several courses one can take up on YouTube and learn for free like programming, photography, Microsoft Excel, SEO, Podcasting, Photoshop, Project Management, Digital Marketing, video editing etc. The person you are asking help from might have been a beneficiary of these YouTube free videos. Therefore, put your time to use and become useful to yourself and your family. 

    498 days ago

  • mimi

    It would have been better if it was only begging they do. I don't think you've seen those ones that expose their nudity. Very appalling.

    497 days ago

  • Amelia

    Yes, I had to learn how to bake. I love baking and I am glad I took that bold steps to learn. 

    489 days ago