What is the best parting gift for an ex who poisoned my pet dog?

  • Chudi

    It is with heavy heart that I’m writing this piece. My about to be ex who has been living with me got my dog poisoned last week and she has been denying it. I got my Samoyed dog some weeks back and I so loved it because of how beautiful it was, very white and fluffy. Samoyeds thrive in cold weather and because of their nature, I ensured my house was always at the temperature that will keep it cool/cold. I fixed one of the rooms in my three bed apartment to accommodate the dog.


    My girlfriend wasn’t happy that I converted one of the rooms to a dog’s room. She had once suggested her younger sister who had a baby by some guy move in temporarily until she sorts herself out but I blatantly refused. I refused because we aren’t a married couple yet and besides, I would not want a baby to be disturbing the peace of the house because I work from home most times. She was ok initially but ever since I got the dog, her attitude changed. Well, it is my house and I should do whatever that makes me happy.

    It was not my fault that her sister got pregnant for someone who could not live up to the responsibility and besides, her primary mission in Lagos was to complete her NYSC which she has abandoned as a result of the pregnancy.


    The dog is barely 7weeks old. I woke up two days ago only to find out that the dog was dead. This was a healthy dog that had been assessed and medications given by the vet and it was confirmed to be healthy.

    My girlfriend normally feeds the dog whenever I was not around. I travelled for a 2day project and when I came in 3days ago, the dog was not in a good state. The enclosure was filthy; the colour of the leftover food in the food plate was a different colour from what I used to see. I could have taken the dog to the vet if I had come back a bit earlier. Thinking and hoping that I will send it to the vet in the morning, it died before I could even wake up from sleep. I am bitter, very bitter and angry. If she could not take care of a dog for two days then how sure am I she would take care of my kid?

    I will definitely take the leftover food for scientific analysis to determine if it died of natural causes or not. Once this is confirmed, I am getting her out of my life. No matter how harsh this may sound, I will chose a loyal dog over someone really does not care about the life of a living thing.  

    494 days ago

  • Gworthason

    Sorry for your loss. However, just because she could not take care of the dog does not mean she cannot care of a child. People act differently. And if it happens she did not poison the dog what next? I think you need to calm down and have a conversation with her.

    493 days ago

  • kunle


    Please be sure she was the one who killed the dog before taking such decision. That she did not like the dog does not make her the culprit. You might have you fears and doubts but be careful not to be too forward in your accusation as that might devastate her beyond what you might be hoping.  

    491 days ago