What is the value of education in Nigeria?

  • grace

    I came across a post of a young lad who was the top scorer in the recently help JAMB exams in Nigeria and I could not help but commend the boy for his dedication and hard work.

    I find this very interesting because this era we are in is the era that education means different thing to different people. Having said that, the society also has made it worse to the point that attention, recognition is now giving to people who showcase stupidity over those who choose the path of hard work.

    Young Ekene Franklin Ezeunala, scored the highest in UTME 2019 and it has been reported that his preferred choice of school will not offer him automatic admission. Well, I have no issues with that but in my opinion; I think such people who did exceptionally well should be given automation admission to encourage others to do better.

    Ekene Franklin Ezeunala: Top 2019 UTME scorer in Nigeria offered $40,000 scholarship in Ghana.

    Aside from that, Nigerian government has placed less value on education that Ghana’s government has deemed it fit to award a $40,000 scholarship to this young lad into one of the best schools in Ghana. What a shame to the government of Nigeria. Why are we so wicked to our own people that what should be promoted and celebrated is what most times is denigrated.

    Stupidity has taken precedence over hard work and stupidity has so also been promoted on social media and otherwise that people now choose the path of stupidity over hard work. We must as a nation learn to appreciate and recognise hard work because hark work is what makes and keeps a society and not mediocrity.

    We must also as a nation learn to create and recognise institutions that are doing their best in creating the environment for success. If Nigeria fails, we all fail and if we all fail, Nigeria has failed.

    Charity begins at home therefore; we must always do the needful in pursuit of excellence.

    Please keep your dreams alive and always strive to do the right thing at all times for a better society to thrive.

    880 days ago

  • Nana

    It is more honourable to act stupid and get chased by organisations for endorsements than study hard and wallow in penury in this our present day society. What a sad thing to say the least.

    880 days ago

  • mizwhendie

    There is no value 4 education in this country, rather honour is given to those who disgrace themselves and do shameful things online. This is quite disheartening. I weep 4 where we are headed as a country.

    879 days ago

  • Chudi
    Congrats Mr Ekene

    876 days ago

  • Lammy

    Well done boy.

    641 days ago