Take advantage of these websites to sharpen your skills and improve your crafts

  • kunle

    I know that a lot of people may have been looking for some skills to acquire but do not know where to get the right information that will lead them to the right website for that. Well, here are some websites you could visit and I am sure you would be glad you did. Like I said in my last post that, this period is an opportunity to learn more skills and advance from where you are to where you want to be in the nearest future.



    Lynda has been an online based training portal for more than 20 years with a library of 4000+ videos- based online learning courses. You can learn skills like programming, designing, photography etc.



    Pluralsight also is an online education platform that offers variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators and creative professionals through its website. They keep developing and adding more skills assessment modules.



    With well over 35000 courses and 19000 instructors, you can be sure of getting the right knowledge on across a breadth of categories including business and entrepreneurship, academics, the arts, health and fitness language, music and technology.



    Youtube is a video sharing platform where you could share any video for learning, fun and entertainment purposes. It allows users to upload, rate and share videos. You can record any skill you have and upload for user with interest in your video to stream. You could get paid from people streaming your contents if you choose to allow advert to run on your videos



    Coursera partners with over 140 educational institutions across the globe to provide video lectures and interactive quizzes. They provide courses like Business, Social sciences, Maths, Life sciences, humanities etc.



    Skillshare emphasises on design, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, technology. Here, they have more than 200 free classes.



    Cody is basically for people who are looking for weight training, yoga and it also offers high quality video plan for weightlifting and meditation.



    Udacity offers hands-on “nanodegree” programs on data analysis, mobile developers etc. These come with video lectures and quizzes to help students understand concepts and reinforce ideas.



    They provide live workshops on various topics such as business, video, photography, crafting, software etc. Please be aware that most of their videos are paid contents.



    This is mostly for beginners and intermediate coders to learn and expand their web develop skills. With over 1000 high quality videos, Treehouse is a great beginning for starters.


    Interested individuals should check out these sites and see what they can make out of.

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  • Obi

    Very informative. Thanks.

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