Now, let's talk about sex!

  • Larmar

    Sex is one of the most trending topics on the surface of the earth today. The advent of social media has made it so bad that people literally talk and sell sex online without caring whose ox is gored.

     My question is this; is sex a commodity or trendy that makes people talk and dwell so much on it? No doubt, sex is good, sex is therapeutic and way more relaxing to some people. Aside from these, it serves as a means of procreation.


    That being said, there are different life changing discussions social media users could bring online that will be beneficial to both young and old rather than sex talk always.

    Let our society not be the one that abuses the minds of its youths and expects high moral standard from them. Let us be careful of the type of information we bring online because, a piece of information that goes out, whether good or bad, stays out.

    Let us be guided. 

    519 days ago

  • Bliss

    Sex is now the new gold mine.  Hahahaha

    519 days ago

  • amaka

    Some of them may not understand what they are doing until it is too late. Time waits for nobody. Use your youthful age and do exploits. Once you miss the plot in life,  you may have completely missed it. 

    518 days ago