Is there anything worse than physical abuse in marriage?

  • amaka

    My cousin was battered by her husband to the point that she had to go for a facial reconstructive surgery.  This is strange because, it was the first time he has ever laid his hands on her. I must say that everyone who heard this was surprised including her husband's family. 

    Whatever that led to such physical abuse must be very serious as I got to know later that they have been having marital issues to the point that sometimes it will end in serious arguments.


    This is a guy that was loved by all due to his humble nature. I could not have believed he did that if not that I heard it from his wife's (my cousin's) mouth. It is heart breaking that she had to end up in a hospital.

    Though he has been remanded, he has been begging his wife and family for forgiveness.

    Now, this leads to my question whether there is anything worse than physical abuse in marriage?


    Well, some people might say yes there is, but to me, there isn't because physical abuse could sometimes lead to death and even if it does not, it could lead to depression and we all know that depression could lead to many things including suicide. 


    What are your thoughts on this?

    485 days ago

  • eleano

    It is unfortunate  that your cousin  went through that. I mut say that, abuse is abuse no matter the form it may come  in. Abuse does not just happen, something must trigger it. Spouses should learn to avoid the triggers because something mynute could lead to abuse which may result to death. So be wise..

    484 days ago