What other grounds are biblically lawful to divorce your spouse if he/she did not cheat on you?

  • grace

    Biblically, we are made to understand that it is right to divorce your spouse only on the grounds of infidelity. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of evil where spouses kill their partners for merely looking at another woman. Statistics have shown that what triggers most killings in marriage is infidelity while other issue could be abuse and other inconsequential matters.


    However, a lot of relationship analysts, experts and women right activists believe that on no account should a woman stay in an abusive marriage no matter the benefits. I believe personally that such teaching negates the biblical doctrines and as such, contradicts our loyalty to God because as believers who believe in God and who aspires to be Christ like, should put God first before anything else.

    Though, I am not of the opinion that you should stay and die in marriage, rather, I believe in an approach where both partners should sheath their swords and if possible, involve both families for a truce to be reached and for the warring parties to make peace pending when there will be true repentance from the aggrieved partner. The party at the receiving end should move out from the house temporarily while the negotiation is ongoing which could be a time of reflection for both spouses.


    Remember, change is the only constant thing. He who refuses to change today may end up changing tomorrow. As the saying goes, do not throw the baby out with the bathwater and even If your intention is to end your marriage so you can quickly move on to the next partner, please have a rethink. Easy come easy go so they say.

    By the way, this piece is for those who still believe in God and the sanctity of marriage.

    479 days ago

  • Gworthason

    Couples do not understand the meaning of the vows they made. That's why there is marriage courses for the Christian and premarital counseling for non believers. These places are meant to help you understand what you are  about to go into and help you decide if it is worth it. However, most couples  ignore the moral teachings when they are faced with difficulties. They choose the easy way out even when the marriage is not an abusive one.

    478 days ago

  • iris


    Do you think that marriage courses help these days? I do not think so personally. Most married couples went through these classes yet their marriages still failed. It goes beyond marriage classes for a marriage to stand. Couples should consciously make efforts and work towards a sustained marriage. The onus is on them to work out their differences to ensure unity and stability are maintained at all times. Remember, nobody but you too will do it. 

    468 days ago