Opinion: Giving phones to Kids

  • Chudi

    I am glad people are beginning to see the need to do things the right way especially when it comes to children. It's no secret that some parents all in the name of making their kids comfortable go the extra mile of providing them with phones and gadgets all in a bid to have access to their kids whom most times in my opinion are not mentally (this may not apply to all) strong to use those as it were.

    There is nothing wrong with that really but the problem is that the increasing social media presence in our daily lives is beginning to affect most of the things we do.


    A lady on one of the social media platforms (twitter) by this handle @nenabekee asserted that it is not healthy to give a child under 15 a smart phone owing to the damaging effects these sorts of phones may have on kids.

    I am an ardent advocate of doing things the right way and I totally agree with the lady. Most parents may think they are making their wards comfortable by providing them with this sort of luxury but in reality, it is what may break them emotionally and otherwise if not properly guided. We have witnessed increased cases of suicide, depression, nudity etc in almost all the social media networks and the effect these social vices have on adults let alone kids.


    Children are the leaders of tomorrow and we as parents must ensure we guide them through the right paths.

    Social media has ruined a lot of kids, some even died as a result of their associate with some evil elements online who paraded themselves as lovers of kids. We are in perilous times and every parent should be there for their kids and as well do the right thing at all time.


    Having said this, parenting is a collective responsibility at least from this part of the world (Africa), so when you see a child going astray, you owe that child a duty of making him or her realise what mistake it will be to tow the part of destruction.


    If we must build a just society, we must stand on the path of truth and ensure we do that with good sense of judgement.


    — Dr.N (@Nenabekee) May 29, 2019 " target="_blank">

    876 days ago

  • elna

    Treat your kids the best way you think is right.

    870 days ago

  • sibi

    When you see your kids as the future of tomorrow, then you should do the right thing without being told,

    869 days ago