The untouchables: Pastors becoming gods to their members

  • mimi

    I write this with so much anger in me. In my life, I have never been so disturbed the way I was when I learnt how pastors who are supposed to be the custodians of faith sexually harass and molest some of their female members.


    In recent times, the stories of atrocities these so called men of god commit are what every media outfit has been reporting.

    In Africa, most people are beginning to see church organisations as business organisations. When you look around, you will find out that the number of churches clustered around can't be compared to the number of schools available. In essence, we have more churches than schools. This in my opinion is unconnected to the extreme poverty in the Land. Lack of job opportunities has made people think and see pastoral job as the quickest way to be rich and famous.


    Recently, a Nigerian singer by name Timi Dakolo, called out a certain Abuja based pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, the senior pastor at COZA who allegedly molest and mistreat his female church members. Timi insinuated that the pastor sleeps with these ladies and in some cases, impregnate and have them abort the pregnancy. Well, from what I have observed, Biodun Fatoyinbo is not the only pastor who does this. Most of these pastors especially the younger ones engage in this unholy act with their members and because of their personality and the power they wield, the abused ladies tend to sweep it under the carpet.

    When a pastor who is supposed to teach moral is soaked in immorality then, I doubt if there is any hope for this generation.


    Oftentimes, people say we should not judge, well, I am not here to judge rather, to lend my voice to other voices of reason. This unholy act has been going on in our churches for long and the sad aspect of it is that some of these churches pastors are always in the know but they will rather shut their mouths so as not to incur the wrath of the general overseer (GO) because of the largess they get from them.


    Permit me to say that Africa has the highest number of churches more that the Caucasian countries who brought Christianity to us. We dip ourselves so much into religion that I can now relate to the assertion by this great philosopher Carl Marx, who posited that religion, is the opium of the masses. We have been brainwash, lied, deceived humiliated, assaulted by these men of god and yet we seem not to have learnt our lessons. How much longer can we continue to be lied to? How much longer can these men be allowed to deceive us? You may not know how many lives these fake pastors have ruined and may never know until you fall victim.


    This is not to say that there are not real men of God. Real men of God abound everywhere but the my point is that, the fake ones have over shadowed their good deeds and intent and I urge the real pastors to lend their voices to this scourge because whatever that may affect the house of the Lord will sure affect them. An adage says, when a finger dips in the oil, the oil will surely touch the rest of the fingers. What I am saying in effect is that, the renowned pastors with good intentions must speak out now to save the church of God else, all of them will be tagged along the bad one.



    I will suggest the activities of these churches be checked at all times and any erring pastor should be sanctioned or made to step down and if possible face a panel. I know this may not work because of how our churches are structured whereby a founder of a church is seen as the person who owns everything to the point that in the event of his demise, the wife or his son takes over the running of the church.


    The time to act is now if we still want to salvage the little reputation left in Christendom. 

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  • grace

    Only God knows the heart of men. 

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