Is it inhumane for child sex offenders to pay for their own castration?

  • turpe


    In United States of America, Alabama state precisely, a new bill has been signed into law by the state governor for child sex offenders to pay for their own castration before they are released from prison. 

    As inhumane as this may sound, I personally believe that stiffer penalties should be meted out on sexual offenders and not just child sex offenders.


    I have been wondering when such laws will be introduced until it was reported some days ago. If a person sees nothing wrong in molesting a child then I see nothing wrong in castrating offenders. If we knew the pain and torture sexual abuse victims pass through then we will start seeing it from that point of view.

    My only regret is that such laws may never thrive in Africa because of the crop of law makers we have. When a supposed law maker sees nothing wrong in marrying a 12 year old child then you wonder if such law makers will ever sponsor or back up such laws.

    Many sexual abused girls/ ladies tend to live with the pain many years after and there is no better way to appease them than by coming out with these kind stringent laws.

    You may not be a victim of sexual assault today as you may see the law as cruel but to be honest, there is nothing crueler than being raped, assaulted, molested, abused etc by these beast of humans.

    I congratulate the governor of Alabama for his courage for signing this bill into law and may we witness more of such laws not just in America but in all other parts of the world and get rid of these bad individuals who only bring pain, shame and misery to their victims and their families.


    Let's make our society great again.

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