The rate at which people disappear in Lagos is becoming Very alarming

  • sibi

    The level at which young ladies go missing in Nigeria is becoming very alarming. No day that passes without having to hear a story of a missing person mostly working class ladies.
    I do not want to draw the line that our leaders have failed us yet but with this kind of news, I can easily say that no one is safe. It seems like our law enforcement agencies aren't doing as much as was expected of them, If not, how can we describe the incessant missing of persons in and around Lagos axis.
    Few days ago, a lady by name Oluwakemi Soyebo, was reported missing after leaving her place of work for home. All efforts to reach out to her proved abortive as her phones were not reachable. However, it has been reported that Ms Soyebo has been found but very confused at d moment. This is one case of missing persons too many around Lagos.
    The police recently announced that about 45 persons have been declared missing since January 2019. This is quite worrisome considering that Lagos state as a mega city with so many resources should be on top of security challenges. 
    Whatever the motives behind the people committing this crime are, it is totally condemnable. A lot of people will assume that it is for ritual purposes but I ask, how can a human-being be made to bring out or vomit money?
    Have we lost it as a people? Why have we allowed greed, covetousness and hunger for wealth regardless of the means it is gotten eat deep into our system? Do these killers, kidnappers or ritualists have human sympathy at all?

    Self love is all we need to conquer whatever evil desire we have in life.

    On this note, I will advise ladies especially to be careful and watchful. They should ensure they get home before dusk from work. They should know the kind of friends they keep and always report any suspicious moment to the law enforcement agencies.

    As for our government, they should ensure they come up with measures that will stamp out these nefarious activities. They earlier they act the better for us all. 
    Safe and accommodating environments are essential to our well being.
    Let’s shun violence and embrace peace.

    869 days ago

  • mark

    The world is full of evil these days. Be guided.

    869 days ago

  • Gworthason

    i have made a resolution not to leave  or come back from work late. i can't shout because if anything happen to me,  my office go replace me sharperly. Lagos city is a crazy place. May God help us.

    867 days ago

  • anuweb


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