Men of God as Gods of men- A case of daddy freeze and pastor Ibiyeomie

  • Mope

    I want to make this write-up as succinct as possible

    Right now a lot of people might have seen the video of pastor Ibiyeomie, a senior pastor at salvation ministries Portharcourt verbally attacking daddy freeze, a Lagos state based broadcaster for allegedly insulting his spiritual father pastor David Oyedepo, the founder of winners chapel Lagos.

    Whatever offence daddy freeze might have committed did not warrant such a flagrant abuse on his person and by extension his family.

    For those who are not familiar with this same pastor, he was the one that locked up Kemi Olunloyo in the cell for months for allegedly insulting him. From what I have come to understand, he has a penchant for locking up whoever maligns his person. If that is not the case, how come he was so abusive to freeze that he threatened to deal with him and get him locked up. The fact that he locked up Kemi Olunloye and it worked for him does not give him the power to threaten everyone he perceives as an enemy.

    Pastors are meant to live a Christ like life but in this scenario, that was not the case as he threw caution in the wing. If these are the kind of men we should revere as men of God then there is a problem.

    How can you insult a whole nation of Somalia just because you wanted to get at the daddy freeze? Do you know that Somalia was a nation that fought for its freedom from Ethiopia and they are doing well as a nation on their own today? What an insult to them. Nigeria with all its numerous problems has not been able to save itself from Boko haram and other vices and yet you have this kind of power to do and undo and could not help to salvage your country from these murderous monsters. What a pity.

    A pastor who uses the word bastard on another human being only show how uneducated he is spiritually. These are type of men that teach the word of God daily yet they lack the knowledge which they teach. What an irony.

    If Oyedepo whose freeze's rejoinder brought all this brouhaha did not talk, if his biological children did not fight for their father, then who is pastor Ibiyeomie to attack freeze with so much hate and venom in a nation where hate speech has been outlawed. What I see in all of these is just a man who probably wants constant favours from Oyedepo hence this 'eye service' he exhibited.

    Though I am not daddy freeze's apologist but it has now gotten over 48 hours Ibiyeomie said these derogatory words and yet no apology has been tendered to daddy freeze, his parents or the Somalia nation. Is this the kind of preacher we should listen to? Spoken words are powerful and that is why we should not utter words in anger.

    I implore the police to do the needful because if reverse was the case, Freeze would have been arrested by now.

    He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.

    377 days ago