Nigeria: Is what is currently happening In Nigeria a Protest or Revolution?

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    Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world with different tribes and languages. The peculiarity of Nigeria is one that can be seen in most countries including the west which includes corruption, bad governance, oppression, intimidation from the ruling class, police brutality, high cost of governance and the list goes on; and this has been on for a very long time without any solutions.

    However, some days ago, the youths of Nigeria as a result of the incessant killings perpetrated by the police under the guise of Special Anti-Robbery Square (SARS) whom were supposed to protect the lives of every citizen had taken to the streets to demand for the disbandment of SARS and a complete overhaul of the system. For days now, the youths have been protesting across Nigeria and it seems the impact is being felt by the government as SARS is already disbanded according the Inspector general of the Police.

    With the news of the disbandment of SARS, the youths seem not to be backing down because they believed that they have been lied to, subjugated and fooled for a long time therefore, they are using this channel to convey their displeasure against the current government of Nigeria.

    We lend our voices in support of the end SARS protest erupting across Nigeria presently. We all seek an equal opportunity and a just society where all can thrive irrespective of their gender religion or creed.

    Together we can create a better society for all.


    338 days ago

  • Obi

    When the people have been so oppressed for a long time, the resultant effect is chaos, fight back, anarchy or even revolution. The leadership of Nigeria has taken the people for granted for so long, enriching themselves and their family members when the masses could hardly afford 3 meals a day. Nigeria is a rich-poor country and no thanks to their political elite/class. Very pathetic

    334 days ago