Decadence in our society- a case of debauchery in young people

  • Nana

    I saw this caption on Twitter "what is the longest distance you’ve ever travelled for sex?" and I was taken aback as to why everything now starts and ends with sex.

    If our founding fathers were this little minded, our cities wouldn't have been developed by now. If not how do we justify such brazen and shameful question? Immorality has taken over the world and it's deeply rooted in the youths who are said to be the leaders of tomorrow. 

    The funny thing is that some of these questions are being asked by teenagers and I'm always surprised to see much older people giving answers to such questions.


     Decadence of a society....quite sad

    308 days ago

  • Obi

    The millennials are really in trouble. Just save your preaching for something else because the rot they are in is quite unprecedented. Yakk...

    306 days ago