Little Emmanuella the comedienne has thought us that real hardwork pays

  • Lammy

    I have always been a proponent of handwork. I believe in 1+1 which is 2 ie, there is no short cut to success.


    Yes, that is the law of nature which should apply to everyone but unfortunately, that is not the case anymore especially in Africa. 

    Little Emmanuella the comedienne recently posted an online picture of the house she built for her parents which i thought was amazing owing to the fact that she accomplished that feat at the tender age of 10.

    Quite frankly, this is just the dream of a lot of adults to build houses for their parents especially female adults who are also in the entertainment industry but the unfortunate thing is that their source of wealth is usually questionable unlike Emmanuella who has been acting for several years and has about the highest subscriber base on youtube in Nigeria.

    What I wanted to stress here is the fact that real headwork pays. Relying on a man or woman for survival is only a matter of time before everything starts crumbling. 

    Let us all take a cue from this little  girl's success and focus on how to improve ourselves rather than looking for the highest bidder to sell our bodies to.

    306 days ago

  • iris

    You are correct. It just dawned on me that that girl was actually making money from those comedy kits. Hardwork really pays. 

    306 days ago

  • Obi

    No matter what you do, hardwork and consistency are the keys to success as she has shown. Truly, legit pays 

    306 days ago