#Endsars protest: Time to take responsibility as a Nation

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    The recent events of #Endsars protest have left a lot of people including families in perpetual pain. People have been counting their losses as a result of the hostility that marred the peaceful protest and yet the Nigerian authority has been denying the havoc they wreaked on that day which led to destruction of lives and properties and also left a lot of people homeless.

    If this is how responsible governments around the world treat their citizens then one would have said that something was wrong somewhere but that isn't this case.

    I have come to a conclusion that Africans leaders are autocratic in nature hence the reason most of them behaviour in an uncivilized manner.

    The authorities should always admit their flaws and apologise when they err in the interest of peace and unity for all

    Please drop a comment if you feel there are ways this issue could have been handled better.

    306 days ago