What should constitute sexual abuse in marriage?

  • mark1

    Recently, I read about a woman who was beaten and injured by her husband for refusing to engage in anal sex with him.

    Ever since I read this, I have been pondering over what should be termed right or wrong in marriage.

    Marriage as we know is a lifelong affair and as every religion demands, we must submit our body to our partners for sexual gratification when demanded.


    Having said this, there has been a shift in this pattern as some partners are now demanding what some see as naturally wrong to their partners, if not, how can one describe a request for anal sex from a partner? Is this sort of demand what a wife/partner should obey? The shift in the traditional way of doing things is beginning to put unnecessary pressure on marriages and this is contributing to break ups in marriages.


    Some of these desires are habits people form over time and some are formed as a result of the increased availability of pornographic movies and toys on the internet which had transformed the perception of sex between couples. In a bid to explore everything that has been portrayed on the internet, some individuals cross the line by demanding what is unnatural from their partners thus abusing sex.


    That one is married does not mean one is free from being labelled a sexual abuser. When a husband instigates any sexual act that is contrary to the norm and his partner says no to it, if he goes ahead to execute that, he can be held and charged for sexual assault.


    Therefore, we should all know that marriage is not bondage where every thought that comes to one's head shall be executed to the latter. We should learn to respect our partners and most importantly listen to them when they couldn't agree with us.

    867 days ago

  • turpe

    I believe there is a limit  to everything we do whether in marriage or otherwise. When sex is not consensual it is rape period. 

    865 days ago

  • Bulani

    turpe But it's really funny that when you want to consummate your marriage, it is seen as rape. How will I know that my wife is not in the mood? What if she was using it as a weapon to punish me? 

    Sometimes, laws are made to suit some people in my opinion.

    857 days ago

  • anuweb


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